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Kaga Yuzen is in danger of disappearing.

Immediately create a new sustainable system model for the next generation

 In Kaga Yuzen, the early pattern dyeing (Kaga Gokoku dyeing) started 400 years ago, and in 1712, Kaga Yuzen painter Miyazaki Yuzensai introduced the technique and design of Yuzen dyeing to Kaga. ..


Kanazawa has many rainy days nationwide and is closed to snow for a long time in winter. In its climate, Kaga Yuzen is a samurai culture of the Daimyo Daimyo, but under the cultural promotion policy of the Kaga domain, which encouraged writing from Takeshi, it is a unique development that is completely different from the Kyo Yuzen of Gosho culture. Has been achieved and continues to the present.


The characteristics of Kaga Yuzenn are the delicate and gentle realistic patterns that vividly depict even the sick leaves (wakuraba) of the simple flowers that are familiar to us, and they are expressed by sensitively feeling the slight colors in the dark weather. It is in a gentle and deep color scheme. Kaga Yuzen, which has been developed in a rich and culturally conscious area of Hyakumangoku, is Kanazawa's original Yuzen dyeing made with a rare sensibility not found in other areas of Yuzen dyeing. It is a culture that conveys the idea of traditional Kaga beauty, which is still seen by people all over the country, to the present day. Kaga Yuzen has certainly formed the identity of Kanazawa, a cultural city that loves the beauty of Japan, as well as the people involved in Kaga Yuzen.。 


For 400 years, Kaga Yuzenn, which many craftsmen have overcome many difficulties and passed down to the present day, is now in danger of disappearing seriously since the dawn of history.

During the prosperous period, there were more than 350 registered (union member) writers, but unfortunately there are not many writers (elderly) who are currently making a living in kimono production. No young successor writer has grown up. Some processes have already lost their craftsmen. It seems practically impossible for the Kaga Yuzenn industry, which is shrinking this crisis, to survive and pass it on to the next generation with high quality. There is an urgent need to seek drastic measures that are not symptomatic treatments and to build a sustainable system model as soon as possible. We are in an era where the old-fashioned, outdated and false inner logic does not work.

I think it is essential to change the mindset of the industry for a new era. With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the existing values have changed dramatically. I think it is an era when the essence is being questioned. I think the Kaga Yuzenn world is also the time of the greatest and last chance for change.


On top of that, in order to pass on Kaga Yuzen, which has nurtured our high-quality culture in Kanazawa, to the next generation, we would like you to share that sense of crisis with the citizens, and not only in the Kaga Yuzen industry but also in the political world. We would like to receive frank opinions and ideas from various fields such as the business world.

I strongly hope that we, the citizens and craftsmen of the 21st century, will bring about innovations that will be praised by senior citizens from the Edo period, and connect Kaga Yuzenn to the next generation in a healthy manner. To that end, we would like to ask for the innovative and diverse opinions of those who have sympathized with us.

I think that truly new things can only come from encountering something seriously different.         。。。。。。。。。。。


From the beginning, we have been exploring the possibilities of creating and commercializing works that are considered to be accepted by modern society in order to expand the possibilities of Kaga Yuzenn. Years of effort have finally come to fruition, albeit little by little.


In the current state of the industry, where only symptomatic treatment is available, it seems impossible to survive the crisis since the dawn of history, so we seriously discussed the current problems with domestic and foreign cultural experts and experts. We are considering a completely new sustainable system model.


Tradition is not created by writers or craftsmen, but by the people of Ichii who live in that era.



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------------- Society is changing rapidly, people's lifestyles and values. Under such circumstances, the beauty of tradition becomes a shape only, not attached to the times, just by protecting it. It cannot be said that it is a tradition that has lived in the true sense unless it inherits its idea (essence) regardless of its shape and evolves with the times. It can be said that courageous innovation is the only way to keep the tradition alive. And true innovation is also possible with the past, not with nothing.

Excerpt from "Tradition and Innovation: The World of Yukie Uesaka"

General Incorporated Association Arts Alive Chairman Yoko Hayashi

Yoko Hayashi

Studied art history at International Christian University and Duke University, and earned a Master of Arts Administration from Columbia University. He is involved in the collection of corporate collections, production planning and exhibitions at the art consulting company in New York and the art advisory service department of MOMA. After returning to Japan, established Art Woods. As a curator, coordinator, and art management advisor, he is involved in the planning and management of numerous art and culture related exhibitions. Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Information Sciences, Shobi University. Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University and others. Advisor to PUBLIC ART REVIEW magazine in the United States. Kawasaki City Museum Management Evaluation Committee, Kawasaki City Culture and Arts Promotion Committee

Kaga Yuzen Uesaka


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Kaga Yuzen / Uesaka has been training in Kaga Yuzen painting for 5 years, and since its establishment in 1982, all works have been completely customized directly with customers (full order, without exception).

We make it with full haute couture). Other than this, as a Kaga Yuzen artist, I believed that I couldn't make a convincing work of hand-dyed dyeing.

From the beginning, we have pursued the possibility of hand-painted Yuzen not only for kimono but also for folding screens, fukusa, ties, dyed frames, and walls.

(Total hand-painted Yuzen)

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Kaga Yuzen Furisode "Peacock and Peony"



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Kaga Yuzen Furisode "Peacock and Matsuka"



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