What is vector data?



Creating an elaborate super-designed Japanese pattern design with the industry's first vector data


Three excellent properties of vector data


(1) No deterioration of data when enlarged (2) Small capacity even for large data (3) High flexibility in design processing

◉ Bitmap data (dots) and vector data are important digital contents that are indispensable for inkjet printing.







● Bitmap type data is slightly smaller than the actual size. But if you expand it, it will be a fateful picture such as blurring. There is image deterioration, but vector data has expanded.

There is no deterioration of the output image at the time of great times.

High resolution output is available no matter how large it is Is possible.

 ● The relationship between design area and capacity.

Bitmap type data is the design area

The data capacity increases in proportion to

The operating environment of the software also deteriorates

However, the vector data is large screen data

Since it has a small capacity, it has a comfortable operating environment.

I can keep it.


  ● Vector data is adjusted to the situation

Active image development is possible.

Change the color, size, and position of the parts

Speedily with a completely different design

You can make it.




Encounter of Kaga Yuzenn and vector data

■ Normally, vector data is not a drawing tool, but a tool (brochure, blueprint, simple illustration) used in graphic design and design (CAD), so it is difficult to draw a detailed picture. There is "Illustrator®" (illustrator) in general software.


 In 2005, in the process of creating MSA (Multilayered Spatial Art) works, I started drawing with vector data for the first time because of the need for images that do not deteriorate even when enlarged.

 The more I drew, the more I was surprised and impressed that the Yuzen dyeing work process and the vector data work process are very similar in every detail. Since then, I've been absorbed in the fun of vectors and have continued to this day.




■ Oriental paintings represented by Japanese patterns based on line drawings have an excellent affinity with this technology (vector data type image design).

■ As a Yuzen artist, having both the experience value of drawing Japanese designs expressed by line drawings (thread glue) for more than 40 years and the skill of using digital tools such as vector data for 20 years It is an important technical foundation for current projects.


Fusion of digital and tradition


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