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Moisturize every scene of society with Japanese visuals ...

A new world of Japanese that is fascinated by advanced digital techniques and traditional skill


2022 mode unveiled on December 1st








UESAKA kimono is a kimono that you can wash at home.

The pattern is beautifully matched to any size from 150 cm to 180 cm in height.





"Please enter the Online Exhibition Hall from here.



● For the first time, we succeeded in drawing an unprecedented graceful picture feather pattern on synthetic fiber crepe fabric.



Construction Modern barrier painting / Digital art)


Heisei Kano School Project


Innovative Venture Business Plan Contest Received Ishikawa Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

 You can produce high-resolution images on even the largest walls.


◉ UESAKA creates one space with one design instead of the simple repeating pattern of conventional industrial prints.


Original super-design wallpaper for space creation in all inkjet output environments such as digital print wallpaper, wrapping, and paper with vector data (no deterioration when enlarged, small capacity of large screen data, high flexibility of design processing)・ We plan and produce design content.


Taking finely tuned responses to diversified customer needs     


Adobe Creative Cloud


Uesaka's work video

Introduced in Adobe user case studies



Construction examples.

Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Saitama Yoshikawa Minami Store



Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Taiwan Store  Wall Art "Four Seasons of Taipei"



MATSUMOTO Co., Ltd. Entrance atrium wall painting


(Use of metallic media)

You can produce high resolution images on any large wall.

①No deterioration at the time of enlargement, ②small capacity of large screen data, ③high flexibility of design processing


Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Tokyo Shibuya Parco (2019/November


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Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Tokyo Sangenjaya (2019/July)

Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Nagoya Parco store wall painting(2019/November


Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Hakusan(2019/February


Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa(2019/January)


Executive room wall art



Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Shin Kanda(2019/December


Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Kyoto Station Porta



Hotel Nikko Kanazawa Suite Room "Shiki MIYABI"

 Media coverage


Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Ueno Parco


Enlarged detail photo: 100% resolution no matter how big the screen. There is no image deterioration.



Kanazawa City Beauty Salon, Sincerity Renewal Interior Mural



Kanazawa Yuwaku Onsen Kanaya Ryokan 「Sakua Ranman」「


Heron on autumn leaves


Delivery of 10 folding byobu



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Car wrapping


Ishikawa Landscaping Cooperative, Work Vehicle Wrapping


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